Inside the Impact Hub EWZ Selnau

«Fast living» is the motto of this location in the heart of Zurich. For 11 weeks, selected founders and their teams work in the Kickstart Accelerator. During this working-period, the founders are given up to 25’000 Swiss francs in prize money, they receive mentoring and a shared office space.

Almost 30 early-stage start-ups from all over the world work at the same time in the old industrial building next to the river Sihl. They are divided in four different areas: Food, Smart and Connected Machines, FinTech and Future and Emerging Technologies.

«This multicultural atmosphere is very inspiring for us. We live and work together like a big family,» says the CTO of the start-up Bio Watch, Daniel Bodea, from Lausanne. «Here, we have a better offer at the Kickstarter Accelerator than in most locations in my hometown, London», says Peter Spence from the start-up TIO, that creates robot-toys for kids.

The 4th of November, 2016 will be the final day of the Accelerator 11-week working period. Then the different start-ups will present the progress they made during the time in Zurich. Most of them will go back to their home countries. Mohamed Ghiath, the founder and CEO of the start-up Drofie: «The time in Zurich was great, but I am also looking forward to going back to Riga and rev up with my selfie drone – the drofie.»

The Silicon Valley of Zurich

We will present to you the locations of Zurich’s start-up scene. Here you will see where the people behind the start-ups work and why they choose to build their start-up in Zurich.

Just click on a location on the interactive map to have an inside on each start-up center.

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