The future of cooking

EveryCook AG is the name of a Swiss start-up founded in October, 2014. The intelligent saucepan helps people who can’t cook or who have limited time to prepare fresh meals by leading them step by step to a finished menu. Inventor Alexis Wiasmitinow talks about how he got the idea to develop this new kitchen device and about the current challenges his project is facing.

Who does not know this feeling – your stomach is rumbling and you want to eat something, like a delicious risotto. But then you realize that the risotto first needs to be cooked before you can enjoy it. Your presence at the stove is a test of patience – if you don’t stay put, your risotto will stick to the bottom of the pan. There has to be a better way!

It all started with a burned Risotto

Alexis Wiasmitinow (38) from Winterthur experienced exactly this dilemma one day as he stood in his kitchen to prepare a risotto. “I simply had no desire to constantly stir the pot,” Alexis says. “My risotto burned because I went to read some mails and then I got the idea to develop an automatic cooking machine.” He had the idea in 2010 and then, two years later in 2012, the very first prototype was produced. “The first prototype looked very dangerous,” Alex says, laughing. Currently, there are six prototypes existing. Each consecutive prototype is an improvement on the former one, which allows for flaws to be rectified.

This is how the future saucepan looks.


How to use the EveryCook

So how do you use “EveryCook”? Instead of being stuck standing in the kitchen, you can use your time to check emails or watch Netflix while “EveryCook” is preparing your meal. The intelligent saucepan replaces at least ten kitchen devices, so you also save a lot of storage space. Cooking with “EveryCook” works like this: You choose a meal you want to cook, like a risotto. “You indicate how many people will be served and the device then calculates the required ingredients,” says Alexis.

Now the work begins. The “EveryCook” gives the user instructions to peel the onion. The machine itself does the chopping. Now the cooking process begins and the rice must be added. “The device weighs how much of the ingredients you have put inside and indicates when to stop or when it is time to close the lid,” says Alexis.

The intelligent cooking device tells you when enough ingredients are in the bowl.

The “EveryCook” takes over the stirring for you and, once all the ingredients are added, you can leave the device alone. The advantage: “It can’t burn anything because as soon as the cooking process is finished, the device switches off automatically,” the inventor says and adds: “You could even activate a function to keep the meal warm, allowing you to enjoy it hours later.” In addition to stirring, the “EveryCook” can also fry and functions as a pressure cooker.

Difficult times for the company

Certainly such a great product must be successful, right? Unfortunately, it currently doesn’t look very good for the start-up entrepreneurs. They lack the funding to finally bring the “EveryCook” to market. Alexis explains: “We currently need one million US dollars to mass-produce the device.” Finding investors is very difficult and competition is steadily growing. Last year, Alexis focused all his energy on this start-up, tried to get into many start-up accelerators and even quit his job! “We tried to convince investors that there is a market for “EveryCook” and that there is an opportunity to make money,” he said in a Facebook video. Unfortunately, these efforts didn’t pay off and Alexis ended up at the point where he didn’t know how he would pay his bills.

Luckily, his co-founder Samuel jumped in, took over the CEO job, saved the company and made it possible for Alexis to be paid a salary. “Now I finally have a job as a production manager, and me and my family can stay in our apartment.”

Inventor Alexis Wiasmitinow with his “EveryCook”.

Hope dies last

The start-up entrepreneurs still believe passionately in their product, but there are more and more connected cooking devices coming onto the market and competition is fierce. Furthermore, it’s very difficult to convince investors that consumers will be willing to invest more than a thousand dollars in a single cooking device.

After a day of work, Alexis is not watching television in the evenings like most people do – he is working on improving his “EveryCook” whenever he has the time. Besides, he is still looking for suppliers to deliver the parts. “As soon as we have all the parts together, I will spend many hours to get it running,” he also said in the video. “I certainly took a few wrong turns in the past, but I regret none of them, because it has been a great experience and it will continue to be so in the future, I am very sure.” Only time will tell whether consumers will cook their dishes in the future only with “EveryCook” or not.

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