Inside the Impact Hub Colab

Over 800 members of Impact Hub are working in Zurich. Colab is the newest space in the community. The office is located in an old brick building near the Limmat. Verdant plants, a kitchen and various meeting rooms create a special working environment for the entrepreneurs. In contrast to the EWZ Selnau, this building is not a temporary space.

More than 60 start-ups are working in this old building. It makes no difference whether they are food, technology or sports companies – all of them work under the same roof.

The almost 1700sqm space includes another integral part of Impact Hub. At the Café Bar Auer, all hub participants receive food and drinks.

«It may be the best office in Zürich», says Manuele Fumagalli, the CEO from workspace2go. His employee Livia Knup told us: «You get to know a lot of people who also work for start-ups. That’s why the Impact Hub is so great».

«Our number one mission is bringing people from different countries together», says Johanna Stephan from Impact Hub.

The Silicon Valley of Zurich

We will present to you the locations of Zurich’s start-up scene. Here you will see where the people behind the start-ups work and why they choose to build their start-up in Zurich.

Just click on a location on the interactive map to have an inside on each start-up center.

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