Wound healing innovation – Made in Switzerland

Piomic develops a medical device to accelerate wound healing. It is expected that the patient benefits from a faster healing process, reduced pain and inflammation as well as an improved treatment outcome.team_piomic

Start-alp.com had the opportunity to talk with Marc Augsburger (m.), Co-founder and CSO of Piomic Medical.  

Can you quickly explain us what problem you want to solve with your business idea?


Chronic wounds represent a major challenge for health care systems around the globe. In the DACH region more than 3 million patients suffer from wounds which do not respond to the standard treatment within a certain time frame. The prevalence is expected to increase due to the demographic shift and the increasing prevalence of chronic disorders. This growing challenge requires innovative strategies from interdisciplinary science. The Piomic Medical device offers a non-invasive and non-toxic therapeutic approach to accelerate wound healing. The therapy system combines the technologies of time varying fields and photon emission locally applied to the wound area. It is expected that the patient benefits from a faster healing process, reduced pain and inflammation as well as an improved treatment outcome.

Can you give us an example of chronic wounds?


Most typical chronic wounds are venous ulcer, arterial ulcer or diabetic foot ulcer, found at the lower extremities of the human body. These wounds can persist for months or years with a very slow or even no healing progress. Patients suffer from pain and immobility, which dramatically reduces their quality of life. Complications such as infections or tissue necrosis can lead to a bad outcome and amputation of extremities.

How did you get that idea, to heal wounds in a physical manner?

I was personally interested in the interdisciplinary field of physics and biology since my childhood. The human body has its own electrophysiological properties which are found to be reduced in case of injury or disease. The approach to normalize the electrical tissue integrity is not new. However we finally understand the basic mechanisms of interaction and can translate findings from basic and pre-clinical research into clinical practice.

What is the current stage of development?

We finished our first prototypes and will evaluate the clinical efficacy in a pilot study in spring 2017, in a specialized wound care clinic in Switzerland. The regulatory documents for Swissethics and Swissmedics are currently under submission.

When did you start working on your project?
Together with a friend we discussed the potential of the involved technology on a trip in east Africa. As soon as we came back in January 2016 we started to work on the project, refined our business idea and developed a business strategy. We finally incorporated the company in July 2016.

How is your financial situation?
Ironically we were contacted by investors at the day of incorporation. Two month later we closed a seed funding round about 400k. We expect the next financing round in summer 2017.

We thank Marc for the Interview and wish him all the best for the future with PIOMIC Medical.  

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