Make your business meeting tastier

Dalou says in their press release that they want to «change your morning from grey to sun». The start-up offers an easy way to order breakfast for companies or private individuals.

Everyone knows the problem, when you buy too much food a brunch. With Dalou you can solve this problem: You can send each event participant a link to order what s/he would like to eat for brunch. In the end, everyone can eat what they like. Dalou delivers you the food at the desired time.


It’s a good option for business meetings, because you never know what your colleagues eat and the process is very easy to manage. Instead of going to a bakery and guessing what everyone likes, you can send them an invitation. You can also choose all the food yourself if you just want to enjoy the delivery service.

Dalou has a large variety of different products you can order. Nevertheless, quality is important to them, as the co-founder Wladimir d’Harcourt tells: «We only work with local bakeries and juiceries, which provides us very good quality. It’s very important for us to have a high quality standard».

If you are looking for an unhealthy breakfast, Dalou is definitely the wrong platform for you. In addition to classics such as croissants and sandwiches, they sell trend meals like chia pudding or almond milk. Even the gourmet will find something delicious!


Dalou has focused on breakfast for a very specific reason, as the co-founder tells us: «30 percent of Swiss people don’t eat breakfast and most of them don’t because they lack the time. So 70 percent of the Swiss are looking for healthy and quick breakfast option».

Start-alp magazine had the opportunity to test the service. We were surprised by how easy it was to handle the ordering process. Even though a normal bakery offers a larger selection, everyone will find something that suits her or him. Dalou is a bit more expensive than a normal bakery, but the higher price seems fair because of the delivery service you get. The only problem is the 24 franc minimum which makes it impossible for a single person to order on a regular basis. For a business meeting, it proves to be a very good idea.

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