The Selfie-Stick is dead, long live the Drofie!

Self portraits with this metal stick are a thing of the past. Taking a picture with a drone makes self-referential, me-me-me-photography much more spectacular – according to the creators of the start-up that invented “drofie“, which is now gathering thousands of swiss francs for their project.

Getty Images

Pictures taken by drones are likely the next evolutionary stage of taking a selfie. The concept of self-portrayal is still very popular. The latest evidence of this has been created by world traveller Alex Chacon, who takes «wanderlust-arousing» pictures with his GoPro at the most beautiful places on the planet. Even though the environment may not always be equally that exotic, “Drofies” are more spectacular.

Pocket drone to go
The first selfie with a drone was taken by entrepreneur Amit Gupta in 2014, so drones that take pictures aren’t anything new. Still, it was Mohamed Ghaith who came up with the idea to invent a pocket drone called drofie. We asked the 27-year-old aviation engineer from Egypt what makes this one special and how the team behind the start-up came up with the idea.


“Selfie-sticks are annoying”
Mohamed Ghaith, Co-Founder: “When we started, we were only two people. Now there are six of us working on drofie. We developed the concept quite quickly. I came up with the idea in May 2015 and we started working on it in June of the same year. Why? Well, my best friend is always carrying a selfie stick with her. I was wondering what would make a person carry around a metal stick in their bag all the time. I thought this must be really annoying. And furthermore, this stick limits a photograph to a certain distance. And then I thought: There just has to be a better way.”



Which need is drofie attempting to satisfy?
“At the moment, the drones that are on the market are good for shooting videos. What is missing is a drone that is able to snap stable, still pictures. This is what we wanted to focus on: To create a product that gives the same stability as a selfie stick does, but with the area of perspective of a drone”.

Well-behaved dog
“It’s the perfect companion for travelling,” says Ghaith, referring to drofies size, weight and the ability to connect the drone with your phone, which makes it fly after you – every step you take (every move you make). It follows its master like a well-behaved dog and never lets him or her out of its camera-focus. This function, called “follow me”, connects the drone via Wifi to your smartphone and is automatically controlled by GPS. And it was of the utmost importance to the co-founder that the app you use for it is extremely user friendly.


The future will start in July 2017
What makes drofie different than other drones already on the market? Its folding mechanism is unique, but it also made the aerodynamics very challenging. According to their plan, the drone will be ready for takeoff and landing in July 2017 – and it will also be available for sale.


It is, as stated by its makers, an absolutely useful tool for everyone who wants to capture every precious – and every other – moment of their vacation. I am also personally looking forward to testing it… and I have special hopes that drofie leads to the quick demise of selfie-sticks.

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