Unique last minute gifts and where to find them

The Zürich Christmas Market has more to offer than you may think.



There are two types of Christmas gift shoppers: those who start shopping november and are done by the beginning of December, and those who wait ’til the very last minute. Because I, myself, fall into the second category, I’ll help you by sharing what I found to be interesting at the Christmas Market in Zürich. And no, there’s not just gloves, cups and teas there. The Christmas Market in Zürich has one of the most innovative concepts by far in Switzerland. Here are some of my, and hopefully soon your, favorite items:



The zurich based artist Maya Chelmis makes the unique Loving Spoons out of silver plated, vintage spoons. She travels the world to collect them at flea markets and antique stores. At her studio in Altstetten, Zürich, they’re hand-stamped these with sweet notes or personalized quotes that you choose.





Every bag Miranda Kaloudis creates is a masterpiece. Made from high quality materials you can use her creations as a backpack, a shopper and some of them also as a small purses. Their look is urban, clean and avantgardistic, making them a perfect gift for either women or for men.




Every item from Just Bottle And Friends has a special story behind it. One of the master pieces are the upcycled, used bottles. They were for example converted into trays or glasses. But there’s not just bottles. Just Bottle and Firends are focused on sustainability. Each of their products complies at least one of the points below:

  • Uniqueness
  • Extraordinary design
  • Swiss Made
  • Hand Made
  • Fair and Social
  • Bio

For example sewing bags made out of cement bags and wooden sunglasses.




This booth has everything a man’s heart wants. Before their big event takes place for a second time at the StageOne Event Hall in Zurich (2.2.17 – 5.2.17), Man’s World offers you a range of selected products at the Christmas market, like Zürich-made Turicum Gin, “The Watch Book” or leather care products.




Your girlfriend will really feel like a fairy with the accessories from Snakes & Fairies. The cute and filigree ornaments are made of carefully picked feathers and materials and make every piece unique.

Exclusive and rare lamps from Damascus. Internationals combines the beauty of traditional a with a contemporary feel. A Syrian Family handmakes them with love and dedication. Besides the beautiful lamps there are also glasses in different sizes and colours for little money.




I hope you found the perfect gift. Merry Christmas!

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