Cliché-Check: Those hoodie-wearing, starry-eyed idealists

Which stereotypes concerning start-ups are true and what are the characteristics of a perfect startup-starter-kit?

There are several stereotypes when it comes to startups. But which of them are true and what are the characteristics of a perfect startup-starter-kit?

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Those start-up-guys. They wear hoodies, address each other informally, are constantly playing table football – and they drink crazy amounts of «Club Mate».

The «Bundesverband Deutsche Startups» investigated whether all these stereotypes are true. They found that in almost every startup, casual dressing (read: being shrouded in a hoodie) is allowed during work. Three out of four startups have a maximum of two hierarchy levels, the chiefs and the not-chiefs, to be exact. And every fourth one employs a so-called «Feel-Good-Oma», who cooks for and looks after the well-being of whole team. Every sixth German startup guy calls Club Mate his most favorite drink.

According to the study, this is what a startup starter-kit looks like (in Germany):

We asked several companies in Switzerland how they are organized, and what their key attributes are. Instead of Club Mate, they drink a lot of Coke. They prefer chilling with music to take a break – so a soccer table is not an absolute must.

When it comes to Swiss startups, the starter-kit looks a little different:


Overall, in both countries there is likely to be a lot of hoodies around, and when it comes to the hierarchy levels, the companies tend toward the idealistic (at least in the cases of German startups and the ones we spoke to in Switzerland).

Key to happiness?
According to the study, four out of five start-uppers consider it probable that they will stay in this position for the next few years, or even permanently. Selling their startup outright is an option for more than half of them. On the other hand, only 15 percent believe in going public and offering an IPO.

Maybe it’s due to the casual climate or the young corporate culture – overall, startup-founders are more satisfied with their lives than your average employee. The lesson learned? Put your music on, grab a coke, a hoodie and a tie, and start enjoying life… (and we’ll talk about finances and finding the right ideas at some other point of time).

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