Scoodit: a multinational Start-up


Provide a simple way to organize your cooking sessions at home. This is the aim of the team around CEO and Co-founder Andra Georgescu of Scoodit. The start-up wants to conquer the market with a visual and vocal recognition app.

If you are in a hurry and you absolutely need a good recipe: just take your smartphone, scan all the vegetables, fruits and other food that you have in your kitchen and Scoodit will suggest a recipe based on all those ingredients.

Disruptive for the food sector?

The young entrepreneurs have actually found a partner for an internal PoC (Proof of Concept) at Zurich Kickstart Accelerator and they are working to adapt Scoodit for the Swiss market. Andra and her team are convinced that this idea will be disruptive for the food sector. Now the team is looking for some more collaborations with big local food retailers here in Switzerland: «We are in advanced discussions with relevant players in the market regarding a cooperation», says Andra.

Scoodit is backed with non-equity grants of about USD 50 000, which they have received from the Chilean Government and Kickstart Accelerator. The rest are personal funds brought into the company by the two Romanian founders Andra Georgescu and Razvan Alexandru.

A multinational company

Scoodit is a multinational start-up in every sense of the word: the founders are from Romania, the rest of the team from Chile, the company is incorporated in the US and Switzerland is their first market. But why the Swiss market? Andra says: «Switzerland is considered to be a key launch market in Europe, where new services and tech products are often introduced and used in advance of launches elsewhere.»
Additionally, Andra has strong ties to Switzerland since she studied in Glion (VD) at the Institute of Higher Education.

Watch the video and learn more about Scoodit, Andra and her team:

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