«An excessive demand is an exciting situation»

A marketing team like the one of Staff Finder has to deal with certain challenges. Two marketing leaders describe their daily basis.

Since 2011, «Staff Finder» matches flexible jobs between workers and employers on their marketplace. Their status as a startup ended last year. «Five years are over, Staff Finder is now a young company,» is how one of the Marketing leaders, Philip Hunziker, views their status. Together with Thomas Bösch, they lead a team of four persons and are responsible for all marketing activities within Switzerland. This includes making the brand known in Switzerland, producing content for the three-language-communication and promoting flexible work. Their core task is to set up a winning strategy, a challenge because of limited resources. «You need a clever setup and plan,» notes second Marketing Leader, Thomas Bösch.


Marketing leaders Philip Hunziker (l.) and Thomas Bösch, Credits: Pauline Broccard

Like we saw in the definition of a start-up, their company is designed to scale quickly. Staff Finder managed to do this in both Switzerland and in the UK. «It is crucial to be able to market and sell the product to the most relevant target group,» explains Bösch. Hunziker adds: «You need to maintain a constant conversation between you as a company and the customers. With this view, you bring more value to the product from the customer’s point of view.»

«You always have to think bigger, because of a constantly changing situation.»

Thomas Bösch, Marketing Leader Staff Finder

With substantial and fast growth happening simultaneously, a marketing team must deal with new requirements. «You always have to think bigger, because of a constantly changing situation,» says Bösch. You do things, you fail, you succeed and all the while, you try to innovate – it’s all part of the deal. Their biggest challenge is to have grand ambitions, but also limited resources at the same time. That often means not enough resources like time or people to do everything they want to do. Is it all too much? For the two Marketing Leaders, these aren’t impassable obstacles, but rather a chance to be in a situation where you can always do more. Bösch smiles and says: «An excessive demand is an exciting situation.»


Philip Hunzier (l.) and Thomas Bösch, Credits: Pauline Broccard

Having a clear goal and strategy is crucial, along with setting priorities correctly in your task list every day. This makes things easier. «You have a huge workload and you already know that you won’t complete everything at once. Ask yourself, what has to be done first? What will instantly bring benefit to a customer`s challenges?,» notes Hunziker.

Their central challenge is to make benefit of theirs first-mover advantage. A problem is a lack of personal experiences. Furthermore, processes that would simplify communication are not finished yet. These are the difficulties the two Marketing Leaders deal with on a daily basis, but they do so with conviction.


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