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LSD? «I would never take it again!»

Albert Hofmann (Credit: The Albert Hofmann Foundation)

It is Monday, April 19, 1943 in Basel and the second World war is in full swing. Nothing would suggest that a significant scientific discovery is about to be made in this swiss city today.

On this day, Albert Hofmann, a chemist working for Sandoz Pharmaceutical, will try LSD for the first time in history.

He actually invented LSD a few years earlier, in 1938 while experimenting with «Mutterkorn» – a fungus that adversely affects grain. Long story short, Hofmann succeeded in producing lysergic acid artificially in the laboratory, one of the most chemically interesting substances of the  «Mutterkorn

But, he was disappointed to discover that his Synthetic degradation, initially meant to stop internal bleeding and migraines in humans, is useless.

He just couldn’t accept this outcome, thinking that he must have overlooked something, so he created a second portion LSD on the April 16, 194

Three days later – also known as the «bicycle day» –  he began a personal experiment, using the LSD, with unexpected consequences. On his way home after ingesting the drug, Hofmann felt an incredible sense of panic. The streets were warping and the people around him took on distorted, fantastical forms.

The most effective psychedelic drug ever made was born.

To get a better picture of LSD , I met with a man who has already tried it. He would like to remain anonymous, so in the following interview, I will call him «Peter». Peter is nearly fifty years old and took LSD during his 30s.

Peter, thank you for speaking to me. You have tried LSD a couple of times. What is it like?
Peter: Its a mixture between an incredible feeling and an absolutely horrible feeling. With just a small portion of LSD, you are high for hours.  First of all, you have to make sure that all circumstances are good. I would never take LSD in combination with other drugs or in an unknown environment. After ingesting the drug, you have to wait for an hour until you get a «fluffy feeling» in your stomach. In my experience a trip with one dose lasts for about 5 hours. It starts with disturbances in your perception. You cant trust yours eyes anymore. The first time I took it, it was horrible. I lost all my natural instincts to eat or drink and when I looked at myself in the mirror, I was breaking into pieces.

Wasnt that terribly frightening?
Sure it was. But I knew that it was because of the LSD. And that everything I saw wasn’t  real. I didnt question what happened. It was what it was.

During the Interview with Peter (Credit: Andy Hobi)

How many times did you take it?
I took it about ten times. The first time I was about 30. I remember when my best friend came with the drug to my house. We werent prepared to take it. And after a while we wanted to try it again. We invited another friend over, who remained sober to guide us on our trip. I have to admit, it wasnt as bad as the first time. Thats why I took it again six months later.

Do you think you will take it again?
No, never. LSD is a horrible drug and if there isnt «perfect condition to take it, its awful. The last time I tried LSD was about 13 years ago. I remember how exhausted I was after a trip. I mean, during the trip your brain is working on high speed and you cant sleep. Also after the trip, it’s hard to fall asleep.

Do you have the feeling it changed your life back then?
I always thought that LSD wouldn’t change my life. But when I think back to that time, I have to admit that I wasnt the same person after I took it. And, for about two months after every time I took LSD, I had «flashbacks», which is the feeling, for a second or two, that I was high again, especially while I was driving. For example, when it was dark and I was in my car, I saw bolts of lightning, when it wasnt even cloudy.
Please note that this article in no way advocates the use of LSD. On behalf of «start-alp.com» and my interview partner, we want to insist that no one attempts to try LSD based on this information.

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