Selftest: Sharing is caring

Kleihd, a boutique in Zurich, wants to safe the world: with borrowing clothes. Because: Sharing is caring!
Paula Fricke (Kleihd) and Remo Schraner (journalist), Credits: Sabine Wunderlin/SonntagsBlick

In Switzerland, we spend an average of 150 Swiss Francs on new clothes every month. This adds up to approximately 15 kilograms of new clothes every year. And despite these purchases: You probably won’t find the right outfit for your next occasion in the whole batch.
Instead of freaking out and buying more new clothes that you will never wear again after the event, try something new: Borrow it, instead of buying!
The start-up Kleihd in Zurich wants to treat our environment AND our wallet with care. Is it merely a nice-to-have or is it a truly good idea with a future? I decided to try it out myself.

Step 1: Let’s get in touch.
I called Paula Fricke (34) from Kleihd. I needed a chic suit for a friend’s party. Paula is a stylist and one of the owners of the boutique. On the phone she asked me about my fashion preferences, my sizes and for what occasion I needed the new outfit.
After I gave her all the information she needed, we arranged an appointment.

Step 2: Be brave, but be you.start alp magazine kleihdEntering the store, I already spotted the dressing rack with Paula’s picks for me. Kleihd owns a collection of more than 1000 clothing items – thank God Paula made some choices for me!
She showed me a long tuxedo jacket. Well, yeah… I had to laugh. «Just try it!», Paula told me. So I did. And yeah, it fit me, but it didn’t feel right. I felt like I was wearing a disguise. But still charming, right?

Step 3: Stay open-minded!
So the search went on. Among all the pieces I found a nice pink shirt. Yes, PINK. This time I didn’t laugh, no, I almost cried. But, Paula also made me try this strange colored thing.
And then an incredible thing happened: I kinda liked it.

Step 4: Get excited.
Paula told me that those moments of surprise are a common occurrence at Kleihd. «People are not frightened to try new things here, because they know: If I don’t like it, I just can return it.» To be fair: Even if you do like it, you have to bring it back. But of course, you can borrow your favourite pieces again and again.

My conclusion
My experience at Kleihd was great. The idea is trend-setting, the variety of clothes is huge and the advisory service is extremely friendly and competent.

Go to www.kleihd.ch for further information. 


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