STARTUPS.CH – helping startups to succeed

Lecturer and Head of Academy and Businessplanning at STARTUPS.ch, Raphael Nerz, speaks about the company he works for and shares some of his experience.

About the company
At STARTUPS.CH we offer support at all stages of the start-up process for those looking to start their own company. We help to create a stable foundation related to all aspects of creating, founding and running a successful business in Switzerland Consulting is offered for legal, business and accounting services. We aim to find suitable solutions for every start-up as we answer their questions and address their very individual problems.

In the past year, STARTUPS.CH has accompanied around 2’500 companies through throughout the start-up process, and more than 12’000 companies have benefitted from our assistance since our company was founded in 2005.

The Swiss start-up scene still has plenty of potential for improvement, such as fostering a generally friendly startup environment. One such measure could be to provide for a better overview of different initiatives thus generating a well-rounded and accessible support system for entrepreneurs.


portrait rnerz
Lecturer and Head of Academy and Businessplanning at STARTUPS.CH, Raphael Nerz.

Startups and the Swiss economy
Digitalisation poses structural problems for companies of all shapes and sizes because they need to re-establish and re-invent themselves on a constant basis to keep at the pulse of the market. Innovation is thus king. Companies such as Swisscom establish new programmes such as the Kickbox initiative to foster intrapreneurship while other monuments of the Swiss economy such as AXA Winterthur push forward with their own internal AXANAUTEN programme to inter alia foster connections with future hopefuls from the startup scene that may provide the giant with its next innovation injection. Meanwhile a wide variety of individuals choose the path as an entrepreneur to finally be freed of their corporate chains and pursue their very own version of an entrepreneurs’ dream. It is such tendencies that shape and will continue to define parts of what the future holds in store for the Swiss economy. The role of STARTUPS.CH in this myriad of startup initiatives is to make sure that creating, founding and running a successfull business in Switzerland is as easy and fun as possible. This is to say that we at STARTUPS.CH leverage our expertise related to legal, accounting and business aspects as well as our partner network to empower our client base with relevant tools.

portrait rnerz-2

I find comparisons between the Swiss start-up scene and those abroad unnecessary. Why make the comparison? As with most great business ideas it is very likely that others around the globe are working towards a similar goal so it all comes down to execution rather than getting trapped in the ideation phase. So what I propose is to beware of our cultural and economic circumstances and to work towards a common vision where we are able to leverage our strengths and mediate our weaknesses. Furthermore we should first and foremost work together, thus fostering collaboration, which brings us back to the above mentioned overview that should be provided for people to find the right business partners, co-founders, investors, consultants, role-models and friends without having to hire Sherlock Holmes.
At STARTUPS.CH we attempt to work towards that vision by providing for a well-rounded support system. One important aspect is feedback.

Start-ups should get as much feedback as possible as you can learn a lot from others and you might also choose to work together. Within our start-up community, networking is not yet as widespread as it should be. Overall we should all learn to be more courageous, collaborative and curious.

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