Which start-up would you like to have founded?

We asked people on Zurich’s streets which existing start-up company they would like to have founded.

by ANDREA GERMANN (text) and REMO BERNET (photos)

Ladan (29), Communication Designer


«Personally, I like those fundraising platforms like ‹wemakeit›. The fact that you can finance something big with many small amounts really impresses me.»

Tom (34), Webdesigner


«I’ve been involved in a start-up myself. We predicted the trend of QR-Codes. Unfortunately, the idea didn’t work out as well we originally planned. Besides that idea, I think that Google is ingenious – a white webpage that actually dominates the world.»

Kaltrina (30), Psychologist


«I find ‹Freitag› an exciting company because they started so small and then developed incredibly. I think it’s great that they use good, recycled materials for their bags and clothes.»

Dominik (48), Entrepreneur


«I have set up my own start-up called Esbatech in 1998, which is dedicated to the research and development of new medicines. In January I founded a new biotech-company called ‹CDR Life›. It was important to me to move something and to develop my own ideas as well as pursuing them.»

Judit (29), Social Worker


«I would like to have invented ‹Facebook›, because I would improve the privacy guidelines. It is important to me that the privacy of the users is protected!»

Hans-Ruedi (83), Pensioner


«‹Google› is simply sensational! I like how the site performs as well as the young and modern flair. I can also imagine that the employee climate must be excellent!»

Annette (41), DAN-Therapist


«Even if it is a utopian idea to think about that – I would like to have invented the cosmetics company ‹PM International’›. Why? Because they are contemporary and they produce healthy everyday products.»

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