They believe in you!

The online crowdfunding platform «I believe in you» is a startup that helps you to run an extra mile.


When someone tells you that they believe in you, it gives you that extra power. Often in sports, when you are exhausted and your motivation is depleted, you need someone to give you an extra boost.
The online crowdfunding platform «I believe in you» is a startup that helps you to run that extra mile. They help young athletes, professional athletes and yes, they even support the football club in your town to help them fulfill their sporting dreams.

The starting shot

The founders, Mike Kurt and Fabian Kauter, were top athletes themselves. After both attended the Olympic games in 2012 (canoe and fencing), they decided to do something to benefit Swiss Athletes. Together with online marketing specialist Philipp Furrer, they founded the crowdfunding plattform «I believe in you» (IBIY). Just one year after their introduction in 2013, IBIY was able to hire their first intern.

Today’s game

Now, four years and a few hirings later, IBIY CEO Nick Gast says:«The fast growth of our startup and the expansion to Austria and Norway is a huge challenge for us. But because most of us are former professional athletes, we know how to stay focused and keep on working. We will rise from the Super League to the Champions League!»

(left to right) Mike Kurt, Nick Gast, Fabian Kauter, Philipp Furrer (put as disposal)

Their partners, Postfinance, Helsana and Aldi Suisse help them to stay afloat as they attempt to transform the Swiss sports world into a less stressful place.
Currently, 87 percent of their projects end with the desired goal. One example is the crowdfunding project for Filib Steiner. The eleven-year-old BMX driver collected money so he could attend the world championship in Colombia.

The partners:

«IBIY is not only the ideal platform for professional athletes, but also for hobby athletes – this makes IBIY just like a virtual and fun charity run.
We support all projects that reach 50 percent of their goal. But the Postfinance boost is only paid if the project reaches the entire goal amount. This helps the athletes stay motivated to reach their goal.»
Richard Pfister, Corporate Communications

«With IBIY athletes are able to fulfill their dreams. We are committed to supporting the healthy life of any individual. All projects that support a good cause get 200CHF. Furthermore, we pick one project per month and support them with a donation of 1000CHF. The most important attribute for our picks: We’ve got to feel the passion of the athlete for their project!»
Dragana Glavic, Media Relations

«With our partnership we want to increase the motivation of the athletes and clubs by reducing their financial pressures. Every month, we look for an idea that is passionate and original, and we support it with a donation of 3000CHF. Besides that, we look to promote young athletes who are under 20 years old.»
Philippe Vetterli, Corporate Communications


You want to get your own project started? Visit here.

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