Hamburg: start-up meet up

Why is Hamburg a good city for start-ups? Founders and future founders discussed honestly about the life as a start-upper.

On a Wednesday evening, there is one thing that should not be missed at a start-up event: a craft beer! At the offices of the start up «FahrradGarderobe» just such an event is taking place for founders and future founders: «Gründerbar Hamburg #1». Between a ping-pong table and old vintage couches, the atmosphere is easy and relaxed. The event is all about socializing and exchanging.

They discuss how to separate private and business life, what the positive and negative sides to working in a team or as a couple are, that the «home-office-mythos» does not exist and that choosing an office is a very important decision. The two founders of «FahrradGarderobe» speak so honestly to their audience about the negatives, how they saved their money at the wrong place and about the difficulty of estimating your company’s value. «Once, we cried in our car.»

There are about 30 people in the room. Half of them have already founded their own start ups. But why in Hamburg? Why not in the biggest start-up city in Germany, namely Berlin, which is only about 1.5 hours away by train? This question can be answered best by the people at the «Gründerbar Hamburg».

Why is Hamburg a good city for start-ups?

Beate Kapfenberger and Martha Starker

Beate Kapfenberger, 28, founder of «morgen.»
«I think Hamburg is so exiting for start-ups, because it is not too big, but there is nevertheless something going on. There is a interesting culture-scene as well, which is very interesting for us as a creative start-up.»

Martha Starker, 26, founder of «morgen.»
«The infrastructures for start-ups are good here – you can benefit a lot from the start-up structures that are already here, like the strong network between the founders.»

Vanessa Kläschen

Vanessa Kläschen, 24, wants to found a start-up around furniture
«I will go to Lisbon in Portugal to complete my masters degree, so I will found my start-up there. But I could imagine having an office in Hamburg, if everything goes well.»

Gregor Runge

Gregor Runge, 25, wants to build up his own start-up in video production
«I have a personal relation to Hamburg. I grew up here, I live and study here. So I am thinking about building up my future start-up in Hamburg. But if I see that the opportunities are better in another city, I would consider moving.»


Helene Schepers and Michel Kellenbenz

Helene Schepers, 32, founder of «FahrradGarderobe»
«Hamburg is so small, that you already know the people and yet so big, that you have the chance to get to know new people.»

Michel Kellenbenz, 49, Founder of «FahrradGarderobe»
«I think there was no alternative for me to Hamburg. I came from a small city to Hamburg and for a long time, my dream has been to live in Hamburg. I had already built a network here, so it was logical for me to build the start-up here.»

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