These 5 creativity boosters can literally open your mind

Brainstorming is the most used technique to find new ideas. Companies and other groups of people use it every day. Unfortunately the disadvantage is, that the more confident participants do all the talking and less confident ones can’t get their ideas heard. No problem! There are other techniques you can use. Here are five simple and effective alternatives.

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The main difference between brainstorming and brainwriting is that the people involved in the session write down their thoughts and ideas, rather than shouting them out. This gives everyone the opportunity to contribute. The writings are then passed around or put in the middle of a table, so that everyone inspires everyone else. More

Semantic Intuition

Normally you start with a product and then you search for a good product-name. With the semantic intutition technique, you do exactly the opposite. You put like 30 words of your product-world in a pool to then combine them in new ways. This can help to find new product-ideas. More


If you are looking for new solutions, sometimes it helps to think completely out of the box. One way to do so is to connect your issue with words or images, wich are not yet related to your business. Then you search for a connection. While doing this exercise, your brain must find new ways to create a context, often resulting in new ideas. More

Morphological Box

This simple technique helps to find modifications. Just breakdown a system into its elements. Brainstorm alternatives for each element or subsystem. Then combine the alternative elements in new ways. Some of the results can be very interesting. More

Osborn Checklist

Most innovations these days are just improvements on existing products. The Osborn Checklist helps you to find parameters and dimensions in your product that you can change, helping you find a new solution or a different product. More

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Sorry Ozzy, this is not about you. Osborn, not Osbourne.

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