Bye Berlin, moin Hamburg

Is Berlin the digital center of Germany? Maybe it is at this point in time. But the second largest city in Germany - Hamburg - wants to catch up and plans a future laboratory. Watch out, Berlin!

Maybe it is at this point in time. But the second largest city in Germany – Hamburg – wants to catch up and plans a future laboratory. Watch out, Berlin!

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The neighborhood of Hammerbrook in west Hamburg is not really known as the most advanced district in Hamburg. The area, between the fancy, new Hafencity and the turbulent St. Georg, has some smaller new offices, but is still rather quiet. At the moment, it’s not very hip to work or even live here. But this could change soon.

The Hamburg World Economic Institute (HWWI) and the creative agency Interpol Studios want to create a center for the city’s digital scene, as reported by the “Hamburger Abendblatt.” And its name “Hammerbrooklyn” suggests that it is going to be a lot like American start-up-hubs. In the new building, for example, start-ups will work together with public administrators, scientists and various associations. The hub will be open to everyone.

Companys like Hamburger Sparkasse, Siemens, and Hochbahn have already announced that they want to be a part of this new digital space, making the gap between the start-ups and larger companies very small.

According to the article, the city of Hamburg has confirmed its support for approval and realization of the project, including making the Hammerbrook location available for use. The building was the former development center of the American Pavilion for the Expo 2015 in Milan. Companies currently located in the area are not amused by these plans: They are concerned that the new building will be too big and will block their natural light.

The timetable for this project is ambitious: At the end of this year, Hammerbrooklyn should be ready to open their doors. A second building will be built later in 2018. According to the “Hamburger Abendblatt,” the project will cost a double-digit million Euro sum.

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Hammerbrooklyn is the next big, crucial step for Hamburg’s start-up scene. And some big companies seem to believe that Hamburg could surpass Berlin in digital importance: US-Tech-Giants like Google and Facebook already have their German head offices in Hamburg. Twitter closed their office in Berlin at the end of March and is working only out of Hamburg now. And there are rumors that Snapchat is going to have the its Germany office next to the Elbe, not the Speer.

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