Be up-to-date with Scope

You don’t have time to read ten different newspapers a day? «Scope» might be just what you need!

You don’t have time to read ten different newspapers a day? «Scope» might be just what you need!

The system of «Scope» is is quite straightforward. (Credits: Remo Bernet)

There are thousands of different news pages and blogs on the internet. It’s impossible to always be up to date because there are not enough hours in the day. This results in most of us visiting the same two or three pages every day. We end up missing a lot of good stories on the pages we don’t visit.

Simple systems

«Scope» wants solve that problem. Their system is quite straightforward: A team of curators shares stories on the page which they believe are worth reading. As a user, you can find stories on their website or on their app organized in thematic boxes. Each box focuses on one topic and users can subscribe to them to never miss an update.

Scope refers to their curators as «opinion leaders». What these opinion leaders do is to share all the articles they read within their field of interest if they think the content is relevant. In the best case scenario, the chosen articles should sufficiently bring a user up-to-date about their designated topic(s) .

At the moment there are 72 different boxes. (Credit: Screenshot Scope)

72 different boxes

If you are looking for the general news of the day, «Scope» is the wrong platform to visit. Most of the topics represented there are about economics or the digital field. There are boxes about Snapchat, digital strategy or interviews with executives. Even Swiss comedian Viktor Giacobbo has his own box, where he shares literature reviews as well as lifestyle articles about new fitness gadgets. Overall, there are 72 different boxes. Some of them are sponsored.

Nothing groundbreaking

In the end, «Scope» is another platform where people share what they are interested in – with the difference being that the curators are chosen because of their knowledge about a topic. For most of us, it is good enough to follow some opinion leaders on social media to stay up-to-date about our field of interest. This digital platform is a nice pastime for lazy Sundays – but if you’re not a busy businessperson, who risks missing trends, you won’t possibly use it more often than that.

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