A screen that looks to the future

Advertimas software merges the real and the digital world. No wonder, has the St. Gallen based company been voted the “Coolest Start-up 2017”.

Advertima  can look to the future, but only for a few seconds. And with the help of cameras, microphones or Wi-Fi devices and its very own intelligent Software. When asked to describe his start-up, Advertima founder Iman Nahvi usually does so using the example of a bazaar. “At a bazaar, hundreds of potential customers pass a booth. For a successful dealer it is key to decide in a matter of seconds which customers are most likely to buy,” says Nahvi. And the dealer must also know, how he will approach these customers to make the purchase happen. 

The company headquartered at Startfeld in St. Gallen, has developed software that thinks like a dealer. Their artificial intelligence knows, who will pass the display in four seconds. It detects external characteristics and movements and then it reaches out with an individual and personalized message, according to the sex, age, clothing or even mood of the people passing by. This groundbreaking idea gained them the award “Coolest Start-up 2017”.

The Advertima Team at work in St. Gallen.                                                            (Credit: Advertima)

The software is also capable of recognizing human emotions. To make this possible, the software is fed hundreds of thousands of pictures, such as images of smiling people. “Our artificial intelligence is thus able to learn, and with time, will recognize which message is most effective, and which is not.” Because of this ability to respond to input, the software also adapts to the individual customer’s experience.

The company started operations four years ago with only four employees. Today, almost 30 people work for them. And since last year, screens equipped with the software have been used in the Bern shopping mall in Westside.

Check out the video below:

During the Christmas season, the program registered visitors who passed a camera and asked them to play a game on the screen. The size of the game matched the player in size, gender, and clothing and governed their movements.

Just now the software is primarily used on screens. However, it is also possible to incorporate the use of loudspeakers, light sources or scent generators as well.  Currently, there are also on-going talks with Zurich Airport. There, the software could use digital signposts to better control the flow of airport visitors. Sounds smart. 

“By fusing the real and the digital world, we can provide customers with a truly personalized experience,” says Iman Nahvi. “We want people in the future to be confronted only with information that is relevant to them.”

Last but not least: Data security. “We adhere strictly to the Swiss Data Protection Act,” says Nahvi. The Advertima Software does not collect any personal data. Only anonymized picture information is analyzed, which does not allow conclusions to be drawn on individuals. Recently, Advertima has also been officially confirmed that it is complying with EU and especially German standards (which are more stringent) regarding data protection.

The size of the game matches the player in size, gender, and clothing and governs their movements. Credit: Advertima)





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