Let’s play cards

Four Start-Uppers try their luck in the big shark tank of the music world.

They are young, cheeky, single-minded and creativity is not a foreign word to them. Last November, Manuel Täuber (21), Lars Näpflin (19), Marco Hübner (22) and Jonas Fuchs (21) founded their own start-up. Cardhouse Records is a record label for electronic dance music (EDM) musicians and producers. By brainstorming extensively, one member of the group came up with the basic idea for the name. Because they are four people, he started with the concept of four poker card suits, Spades, Diamonds, Hearts and Clubs.

“In order to offer our music on the most varied platforms, we founded our own label”

Manuel Täuber, co-founder and part-owner

With the humble starting capital of just 20’000 CHF, Cardhouse Records began their first year of business. The money was not gathered from outside investors, but rather from their own pockets. At the same time, all four partners are working in different companies or studying at the moment. But why would four young men between the ages of 19 and 22 years create their own record label and become one of many fish in the shark tank? “Our aim is really to get in with the big, international record labels. However, one is often rejected by these guys. In order to offer our music on the most varied platforms, we founded our own label,” says Manuel Täuber, co-founder and part-owner of Cardhouse Records.


The first project by Cardhouse Records, a new EDM quartet, was also brought on the market in partnership with their own label. Averdeck published her first single “Halekasi” on the January 30th, 2017. The music video has 2’000 Youtube views at this point. Other EP’s soon followed. “Love You Right” , “Indigo” or “Upside Down” are a few of them. At the moment, one EP only exists under the production title “Number 48.” The name Averdeck is also a reference to poker cards. Aver means “card front” in French. “Deck” refers to both the card deck and also to the DJ’s deck.

Lars Näpflin and Marco Hübner already proved their musical chops with another music group. At the end of 2015, they were known as the LevelUP Brothers in the Melbourne Bounce scene, and were very close to an international breakthrough. However, the actual success never came to be. Now both partners hope to get back in the spotlight with Averdeck: “Actually, what we lacked was discipline. Now we are four in the group, we support each other and are better able to drive the project commercially. We are confident that it could work this time,” says Lars Näpflin about the new project.

“What the people need is music.”

Manuel Täuber, co-founder and part-owner

And so, four Start-Uppers are put to a great challenge. Their company must be actively led, new music must be produced and, at the same time, they have other responsibilities, all of which pushes them to the edges of their abilities. “What the people need is music. And the production of music requires time. We strive to produce a new song in two to three weeks, which is a deadline that can create considerable stress,” says Manuel Täuber. The number one goal is to give a young artist a platform and to promote their talents. Their ongoing relationship and work with Averdeck continues to shows potential. Manuel Täuber mentions that a big project stands ready in the starting blocks: “We have been approached by world-renowned DJ’s for cooperative projects. Through projects like these, we hope to inspire and catapult Averdeck into bigger musical challenges. ”

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