A taste of siroop

When you’re waiting for the train in the morning, you see them. If you’re drinking a coffee in the town, you see them. If you’re watching your favorite TV-Show, you see them: ads for siroop.ch are everywhere.

The crazy electronic figure looks into your eyes and you feel a little hypnotized. The prime time TV-Spot before your favorite TV-Show is visually attractive and convinces the viewer to visit their website. Siroop is a new online-shop, one of many new shops of this kind. Their competitors are giants like Amazon, Ebay, and Ricardo – so why does someone feel the need to found a new shop like this? “The e-commerce market is in a continuous period of growth, and Swiss merchants still have a lot of untapped potential. This is a great opportunity for siroop“, says Benjamin Linsi, Communications Manager of siroop.

Siroop started in June 2015 with five employees and grew to 81 in the first business year. In the second year, they increased the size of their team to about 180 employees, with the average employee age of 31 years – which is rather young. This is a substantial increase for a start-up that has existed for only two years. A big percentage of the employees work for the marketing department, which is responsible for the advertising. About 30 employees are busy brainstorming new campaigns and discussing the distribution of the brand.

Their ideas are good, very good, in fact – everyone sees their work and everybody is talking about it. But isn’t the advertising of siroop a little bit to aggressive? For example, the latest campaign called: „Alles auf siroop” which, translates in English to: „Everything on siroop,” depicts a syrupy liquid being poured on various items that they sell. Benjamin Linsi explains the thinking behind it: „We wanted to establish and implant our name “siroop” in a humorous way in people’s minds. Our first thought for every new marketing campaign is to transfer our vision in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.“

«An initial effort is needed to successfully establish a brand.»

Benjamin Linsi, Communications Manager

They don’t see any problem with their marketing strategy, because the feedback has been good. But, how long will they continue this business model in the future? How much they’ve spent on their marketing, Mr. Linsi didn’t exactly say. He only said: “An initial effort is needed to successfully establish a brand. We still want to grow and to increase the degree of popularity.” Siroop is focused on the regionality and personality of their customers. “As the first open Swiss online marketplace, we are also bringing the smallest, regional merchants online and making their exceptional products available and known,” said Benjamin Linsi at the end of our interview. And now, as the siroopies would say: Happy Shopping!

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